No one can predict the future with precision. Unexpected events beyond our control happen regularly. 

Despite this truth, the If Not Now Consulting team strongly believes our impartial expertise in the present is the golden ticket to managing your organizational well-being tomorrow. So rest assured that we are facing your challenges with both clarity and technical prowess.

We offer an inter-disciplinary approach utilizing the most advanced methodologies available.

“The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” William Pollard, a 19th century Quaker



We strongly believe in custom-tailored solutions. Sometimes you may be in the depths of a dire situation. Other times, in less extreme instances, you may require nothing more than a short consultation with an experienced team member to manage the situation. We have been honing our skills for almost three decades, so our team has a unique perspective to offer. We know the challenges of getting things done in large-medium-small sized organizations – so we can offer insights regarding how you can leverage your situation to make much-needed synergistic breakthroughs.

Whether you need training, simple advice or help with a template document, talk to us about our annual cost-effective rates.


Pragmatic risk assessments and IMpact Analyses

If Not Now Consulting works with our clients to calibrate risks to match their strategic business objectives. This process includes both the short-term focus on catastrophic hazards and how they impact asset loss and supply chains. We also help you develop and sustain longer term perspectives of indirect impacts on sustainable productivity and markets.

Key results include:

  • Completion of a Business Impact Analysis identifying business critical activities, the recovery times required, single points of failure, key dependencies, inter-dependencies and possible workarounds and mitigation strategies;
  • Improved qualification of any existing catastrophic risks as they impact upon business objectives;
  • A short, durable, unambiguous statement of how the organization can continue to achieve its business goals for each identified risk..
  • Prioritized list of recovery activities and risk reduction recommendations.

Identifying Executable plans and responses

Among the risk mitigation treatments you may need to put in place will be detailed contingency plans to deal with credible hazards and disruptions. If Not Now Consulting can help you with:

  • Identification of appropriate, cost-effective, executable plans which allow your organization to achieve its business objectives;
  • Identifying plan owners and the team members needed in the overall plan design;
  • Integrating plans with key internal and external stakeholders;
  • Documenting cost-and-time effective plans for the available response options;
  • Managing change and training teams regarding plans.

Designing and Delivering exercises

We believe ‘real world’ simulations and practice scenarios are invaluable to your organization. Accordingly, we will work with you to develop these processes and generate an understanding of empirical action plans allowing you to manage specific threats and perceived future challenges effectively.

If Not Now Consulting will help you clarify the objectives of your exercises. Whether your needs are large or small, be they desktop or full-scale simulations, we will help you determine the scope and nature of your requirements. And we will work with you every step of the way to achieve your objectives.

Remember: Should you need touch points for advice -- or should you require a full turnkey delivery solution – the If Not Now team will help you design, deliver and report on your exercises!